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Revolutionary effective body sculpting technology: Alma Prime X!

Reform your body, take off centimeters, melt fat and get rid of cellulite! Alma PrimeX is a device that works based on X factor! Alma PrimeX achieves unparalleled results for reducing circumference and tightening the skin of the abdomen, waist, hips and buttocks. Based on American and radio frequency technology, Alma PrimeX integrates a combination of four revolutionary features that together provide x factor with each treatment.

The unique conical shape amplifies acoustic waves, reduces the reflection of ultrasonic waves and has no central hotspot.
The use of a vacuum function to maintain continuous connection between the applicator and the skin ensures maximum and even radiation of ultrasound in the treatment area, thereby maximizing the results.
Ultrasound is delivered to impulses, not continuously, by a mechanical effect that creates minor shock waves, making the treatment more effective.
Recognizing the characteristics of the tissue in the treatment area and controlling the energy output allows for system optimization. The frequency of ultrasound is adjusted during the session to suit the condition of the patient’s skin.

Ultrasound (US)

A combination of transverse ultrasonic technology and an extremely large applicator plate provides high-speed body delineation by heating the tissue and targeting stubborn fat cells. Vacuum function improves skin contact for more effective results.

Radio frequency (RF)

Combines high unipolar radio frequency energy with a waving rotating massaging head. The UniBody applicator delivers heat to four different skin depths, thus remodelling the collagen structure. AlmaWave’s unique 40.68 MHz frequency provides a deeply homogeneous warm-up.


Advanced Technology for Ultrasound and Radio Frequency


Selective targeting of fat cells


Unprecedented, long results


Great effect from the first procedure, with aftereffect up to 3 months


No recovery period


Quick, pleasant and efficient procedure


Tightens skin, smoothes cellulite & melts fat


For each body type without restrictions

Skin tightening RF

Treatment zones:
thigh-front | hips back | buttoks | belly | hands | Knees
 1treatment 4treatments 6treatments
1 zone     |RF 190 BGN 660 BGN 900 BGN.
2 zones   |RF 350 BGN. 1200 BGN 1620 BGN
3 zones   |RF 495 BGN 1740 BGN 2340 BGN
4 zones  |RF 640 BGN 2160 BGN 2880 BGN

Breakdown of fatty deposits and tightness of sagging skin

/combined technology US + RF/

Treatment zones:
 thigh-front | hips back | buttoks | belly | hands |
1treatment 4treatments 6treatments
1 zone    | RF+US 400 BGN 1400 BGN 1800 BGN.
2 zones | RF+US 700 BGN 2320 BGN 3120 BGN.
3 zones | RF+US 975 BGN 3120 BGN 4140 BGN.

Reviews from our customers

Ivelina Dimitrova

Great attitude and professionalism! Recommend!

Maria Georgieva Zaharieva

DermaClear е хидродермабразио процедура, която комбинира почистване, ексфолиране и хидратиране едновременно. Резултатът е по-чиста, по-гладка и по-блестяща кожа с минимален възстановителен период.

Clinical Results PrimeX Premium

Three Months After the 4th treatment

Step-by-step treatment

During the consultation, we will discuss your state of health to make sure that we can perform the tretment safely and fully effectively. The consultation is a good opportunity to ask all the questions you have. Our team of specialists will give you detailed information about the treatment and prepare an individual plan to achieve the desired results!
During a treatment
The treatment is quick with a warming effect, without discomfort. We apply oil to the treated area and with massage movements we treat the area with PrimeX. We will measure the zones before each treatment to monitor your progress.
After the treatment
After the treatment, you can return to your usual activities. The effect of the treatment has a latereffect. You will be able to observe positive results in the period between treatment, as well as up to 3 months after their completion. and adherence to a healthy and active lifestyle.



What are the body treatments with Alma PrimeX?
Alma PrimeX is a form of fat removal and cellulite reduction. An easy, non-invasive treatment that allows you to look slender without spending hours in the gym. Alma PrimeX achieves unparalleled results for reducing circumference and tightening the skin of the abdomen, waist, hips and buttocks. Based on U.S. and radio frequency technology, Alma PrimeX integrates a combination of four revolutionary features that together provide x factor with each treatment.PrimeX has two main technologies that work together to deliver outstanding results: ultrasonic waves and radio frequency waves. Ultrasonic technology works by directing fat beneath the surface of your skin. Reduces the thickness of fat, leaving surrounding tissues intact. Ultrasound is applied to impulses, not to a continuous wave, to maximize the effectiveness of treatment. The frequency of ultrasound waves in your treatment can be customized during the session based on your skin type.
What are the two types of treatments with Alma PrimeX?
Alma PrimeX (RF) tightening radio frequency waves, this technology heats up the dermal and subcutaneous layers of your skin. Waves selectively target collagen and elastin fibers, while promoting the formation of new collagen. Collagen and elastin are responsible for keeping your skin firm and give you the appearance of a slender figure.
Alma PrimeX (RF+US) tightening and melting uses the power of ultrasound and radio frequency technology to give humans some of the most powerful body contouring results available. Ultrasonic technology acts on adipose tissue to reduce the thickness of fat cells, while radio frequency waves target collagen and elastin fibers to stimulate collagen. This special design not only helps you achieve results quickly, but also helps you keep them longer. Alma PrimeX excels at other non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as liposuction, as it also reduces cellulite.
How many treatments do I need with Alma PrimeX?
Alma PrimeX RF a treatment with radio frequency for tightening, you can do at a minimum interval every 2-3 days. Minimum number of treatments 10 or until the desired effect is achieved. Alma PrimeX RF+US a combination between radio frequency and ultrasound you can do at a minimum interval of 5-7 days. The recommended number of treatments is between 4 and 6, and two such courses can be done per year. The effect of the treatment is cumulative and will be noticeable for up to 3 months after the treatment. After achieving the desired effect, you can do supportive treatments at an interval recommended by our specialists.

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