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The duration and number of visits for each treatment in Satori aestethic center is different and is determined by our specialist. For any questions or information: 0882 900 999!



Women – facePriceOfferpackage of 6
Upper lip40BGN25 BGN120 BGN
Chin40BGN25 BGN120 BGN
Cheekbones40BGN 25 BGN120 BGN
Neck50 BGN35 BGN150 BGN
Sideburns40 BGN 25 BGN 120 BGN
Neck (throat)40 BGN25 BGN120 BGN
Eyebrows40 BGN25 BGN120 BGN
Ears40 BGN25 BGN120 BGN
Nose40BGN25 BGN120 BGN
Whole face120 BGN80 BGN420 BGN


Women – bodyPriceOfferPackage of 6
Подбедрици240 BGN190 BGN1020 BGN
Бедра280 BGN225 BGN1170 BGN
Whole legs450 BGN 360 BGN 1890 BGN
Buttoks120 BGN95 BGN510 BGN
Armpits50 BGN 35 BGN 180 BGN
Whole hands150 BGN120 BGN630 BGN
1/2 hands100 BGN80 BGN420 BGN
Abdomen100 BGN80 BGN420 BGN
Abdomen-line50 BGN40 BGN210 BGN
Areolas30 BGN25 BGN120 BGN
Chest120 BGN95 BGN510 BGN
Back200 BGN160 BGN840 BGN
Shoulders80 BGN65 BGN330 BGN
Waist100 BGN80 BGN420 BGN
Whole intimate area130 BGN105 BGN540 BGN
Perianal area50 BGN 40 BGN 210BGN
Outer bikini70 BGN 55 BGN 300 BGN
Whole body1200BGN960 BGN5040 BGN


Men -facePriceOfferPackege of 6
Upper lip40 BGN30 BGN150 BGN
Chin50 BGN40 BGN210 BGN
Cheekbones40 BGN30 BGN150 BGN
Neck70 BGN60 BGN60BGN
Sideburns50 BGN40BGN330 BGN
Neck (throat)40 BGN30 BGN150 BGN
Eyebrows40 BGN30 BGN150 BGN
Ears40BGN30 BGN150 BGN
Nose40 BGN30 BGN150 BGN
Whole Face150 BGN90 BGN480 BGN
Beard shaping80 BGN70 BGN.390 BGN


Man – bodyPriceOfferPackage of 6
Calves280 BGN225 лв.1170 BGN
Thights330 BGN265 лв.1380 BGN
Whole legs550 BGN.440 лв.2310 BGN
Buttocks150 BGN120 лв.630 BGN
Armpits60BGN45 лв.240 BGN
Whole hands220 BGN175 BGN930 BGN
1/2 hands170 BGN135 BGN720 BGN
Abdomen120BGN95 BGN510 BGN
Chest180 BGN145 BGN750 BGN
Back280 BGN225 BGN1170BGN
Shoulder120 BGN95 BGN510 BGN
Waist120 BGN95 BGN510 BGN
Chest + Abdomen300BGN240 BGN1260BGN
Back,Waist +Shoulder520 BGN415 BGN2190 BGN
Back + shoulder400BGN320 BGN1680 BGN
Abdomen – line50 BGN40 BGN210 BGN
Areolas30 BGN25 BGN120 BGN
Whole intimate area150 BGN120BGN630 BGN
Perianal area60 BGN50 BGN240 BGN
Whole body1480 BGN1185 BGN6210 BGN


Hydrodermabrasion150 BGN
Hydrodermabrasion in 3 steps + AHAVA serum180 BGN
Hydrodermabrasion in 3 steps  + professional gel mask190 BGN
Hydrodermabrasion in 3 steps +AHAVA serum + professional gel mask220 BGN



1 Treatment  PriceOffer
1 area        190BGN
2 areas       350BGN
3 areas        495BGN
4 areas        640BGN
4 Treatments package  PriceOffer
1 areas       660 BGN
2 areas       1200 BGN
3 areas        1740BGN
4 areas       2160 BGN
6 Treatments package  PriceOffer
1 areas       900 BGN
2 areas       1620 BGN
3 areas       2340 BGN
4 areas       2880 BGN


1 TreatmentPriceOffer
1 area400 BGN
2areas700 BGN
3 areas975BGN
 4 Treatments packagePriceOffer
1 areas1400 BGN
2 areas2320 BGN
3 areas3120 BGN
6 Treatments packagePriceOffer
1 areas1800 BGN
2 areas3120 BGN
3 areas4140BGN

Why  choose Satori Laser Center

Satori Center uses the latest and fully modified technology to provide the most efficient results. Our long-standing specialists focus on achieving the desired results while treating you whit the highest level of care and understanding.

Lasting results

For long lasting results, we have at our disposal an innovative and modified technology for face and body treatments, as we aim to deliver the results desired by you quickly, effectively and painlessly.

Laser Center SATORI

SATORI was established to provide care for you! With its convenient location and exquisite design, we offer the necessary comfort,and you can ejoy some privacy with a cup of aromatic coffee before the appointed session.

Professional care

A highly qualified team of specialists take care for your safe and quality procedure. They will provide you with the information you need and the care as is necessary for smooth and tender skin. You are only expected to trust us and enjoy the results.

Effectiveness & comfort

Due to its technological properties, all of our Alma devices deliver impressive results in an extremely short period of time! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i pay for my treatment?

In Satori laser center you can pay both cash or card.

Can i pay online?

In Satori Laser Center we can offer you to pay online from our webpage . You can choose between single tretment, package of 3 or 6 treatments. To do that just visit our page and choose “SHOP” from the menu. Once you make your oreder, you will recieve email with confirmation and  invoice.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

In Satori Laser Center we can offer you payment of our packages with installments. *All packages can be payed by installments if prepayment of the last treatment is made. For more information you can ask our reception 0882900999

What is TBI payment?

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